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How to win at Green Lantern

How to win at the Green Lantern slotFinding ways to defeat evil is no longer necessary. We will show you how to win at Green Lantern slot by using natural and simple methods in this article. Our experts have prepared an excellent article, which describes the best strategy to increase your chances of winning in the game.

You have a great chance to win more coins and avoid losses in this slot. Note that experts have tested each method, so you can safely use them while you are playing for real money. If you want to know more, then read the tips from the tester.

Personal testers opinion

The Bonus Bet feature allows you to win more and increases the payment percentage of the slot. Note that the slot machine gives fewer payouts if you are playing at low bets. I advise you to play at higher stakes if you have a big deposit on your account. Among the proposed range of bets, choose a low rate if your account balance is not significant. Do not put more than 60 coins per bet.

Do not be afraid to use small bets if you want to win. After all, it's better to spend more time playing the game and have fun than to end the game session quickly. The bonus features will help you to return all the coins and become a winner. The bonus features trigger quite often, especially while playing at low bets. If you listen to all the tips that are presented in the "How to win at Green Lantern slot" article, you will be able to earn the maximum number of coins.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from testing)

Slot game-winning strategies

  • The Bonus Bet feature and bet: To play the game, use the maximum stakes. After all, in this case, the number of pay combinations that will drop out during the spins of the reels will be increased. From the range of stakes, you can select any. But it must match the balance on your game account. It is recommended using the bets which are in 1,000 times lesser than the bankroll balance. This tactic will allow you to spend the maximum amount of time by playing the game and thus avoid losses.
  • Free spins: The size of the bet affects the activity of free spins. While using higher stakes, you will increase the chances of winning the big jackpot. But there is a small nuance. They are triggered more often if you put less, but in this case, payments will not greatly please you. So, it's better to wait for free spins, play at the medium size of bets.
  • Bonus rounds: In the bonus round, the winnings depend on the stake. You cannot apply any strategies because they do not work. So spin the reels and wait when you are given the coveted bonus.
  • Risk game: You should not risk your big winning. But you should increase the prizes that are lesser than the final bet. You can double them and even multiply by x4. In any case, it is not recommended risking more than three times in a row.
  • Restrictions on the game account: If you want to avoid losses, you should be careful with the bets. When you reduce the deposit by one-third, you should immediately stop the game. After all, you risk losing all your coins. Also, you should pause when the slot has issued a high-paying combination of the symbols in the usual spins or bonus game.

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