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How to win at Boulder Bucks

How to win at Boulder Bucks video slotWould you like to be in a wild world where everything is just wild plants and animals, here you cannot even find the inhabitants, just wild people like Mowgli? So, our developers guess that this wild nature can transfer you in a world of an adrenaline rush, the wild passion and entertainment, furthermore this great game that takes us to a prehistoric era, when we do not only observe the dinosaurs wandered around the planet, but also wild people.

This slot attracts not only an exciting story and colourful design but also a real opportunity to get a good winning at the expense of an abundance of all kinds of options and the bonus features. But if you think that everything will be so easy, we will hasten to disappoint you. You will need to gather your strength into a fist and win. You can leave the game as a winner in one case, if you know exactly how to win at Boulder Bucks slot, by using its weaknesses, and not hoping for a mathematical expectation of the winning. You can get much-needed information below by reading our material, which opens the veil over the secrets and tactics of the game.

Personal testers opinion

Thanks to Boulder Bucks, I can completely immerse into the wild world of dinosaurs, besides now I know some species of these animals. I am good at play it, but unfortunately, it was not always. I will not hide that while I figured out all the subtleties and weaknesses of this slot, I was nervous, my brain began to boil, and it was incredibly difficult, because I learned this game without any article, but you have this opportunity. However, gradually everything fell into place, and I can safely recommend this game for real money, but with sufficient funds in your account. I tried to play on different ranges of the bets, but the most cooling result I got was not once when I risked only €2. I managed not only to put on a good egg laying, twice launching bonus spins (for the first time I won €128, and in the second and all €180) but also to get a few solid multipliers from x17.5 to x25.

Thus, I managed not only to compensate for the costs incurred but also to stay with a net winning of around €300 for some 700-1000 rounds. Note that while you will be playing at such a stake will take a long time to make the slot machine generous. Once you have a successful series with different bonuses, definitely stop the game, the slot will not be as generous for a long time. But do not despair, if you read this article attentively, you will get to know everything that you need and can play even for the real money. I wish you to be successful here.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

  • BonusVolatility is 5,85 out of 20 (average).
  • Cycle length is average.
  • The rating of the slot machine for the wagering is 5,14 out of 10.
  • The frequency of falling of the bonus is statistically, every 115th spin (0,87%).
  • Distribution of the winnings is 60% in the usual spins and 40% in the bonus feature.
  • The maximum payout during the tests was 352x.
  • The average winning from the bonus was 24x.
  • RTP of 94,09% does not allow getting a positive mathematical expectation at the casino.

Secrets of the machine

Now we want to share with you our observations that were received during the testing of the game. No doubt that this information will help you figure out how to win this slot and make your own opinion about the most suitable strategy:

  • In spite of the abundance of the available functions and a high percentage of the payment, reaching a fantastic 98%, was not so generous and simple here;
  • In the usual spins, the variance of the winning is extremely low. As a rule, we had minimal winnings that did not cover the size of the stake, but do not despair, and you need to read more.
  • You can wait for the big winning by choosing one of three scatters (egg), twice in a row we opened the multiplier x15, followed by x25;
  • By experience, we will find out that if you play at the bet of up to € 2, then RTP will not be more than 94%, and while you will be playing at the stake of € 2- € 10 it can reach up to 96%, and over € 10 - 98%;
  • A high percentage of the payment you can achieve solely through free spins and other bonus features, although it is challenging to get to them;
  • If you do not have enough funds, at least 5000 coins, then you will not even have to start playing, for a very long time the slot machine will only eat your money, but your luck will be on your side then;
  • In our opinion, if you do not have a massive budget for the game, then the most reasonable strategy will be that there is no place for risk, and the bets will not exceed €1- €5. In this case, the probability is high not only to recoup but also to get a positive result which is based on the results of the session due to free spins. In another case, it is worth shortening the cycle and playing with rates ranging from € 10 to € 20;
  • We managed to establish that the more or longer you put, the more generous will eventually be the slot;
  • We recommend playing at least 5 spins at the bet from € 20 to € 30, so it is much easier to spin the machine into a series of free spins, then you can go to lower bets;
  • Until the moment we got free spins, our gambling bank pretty much sagged and decreased by € 320, while we started playing, risking € 1, and when we realized that it was time to change the strategy, we increased the amount to € 20 and Fairly quickly received a positive result, coming out on a plus € 671;
  • The logo of the game can allow you to make a triple choice before the start of free spin, but this is provided that there will be a figure of three on it. As practice shows, it is challenging to get such a sign on reels, but we did it once. In general, the symbol with the digit 1 or 2 drops out;
  • We have noticed that three images of the dragon egg drop out much more often if you make the stake of € 2, but with the higher amounts, the picture is the opposite, and it must be considered;
  • During several game sessions, we have established the dependence that scatters falls on 2-4 series, the gap between which is ten spins. The best results were achieved at the bet of € 2, when we were able to catch scatter symbol on reels three times in a row, which brought us a net profit of € 300, during the usual spins.

How to use the bonus features

So, first, let's talk about a symbol like the dinosaur eggs. When three such pictures appear on the screen, you will need to choose one of them. You need to pay attention that the first two times it is necessary to press exclusively on the average egg, that will allow receiving either a large multiplier or to trigger free spins. For the third time, it is better to stop at the extreme left egg and then return to the starting position. Of course, it does not mean that it will always be so, but the numerous tests have revealed this pattern.

Before you enjoy a free spin in Boulder Bucks slot, you need to choose what conditions, and how much everything will happen. You will be asked to select from three options. Each of them has its benefits, but we recommend first of all to choose 10 free spins with a wild symbol depicting a pterodactyl. Throughout the testing, we got the best results here. At the round with 20 spins, you can also get good winning, but there are 30% of the empty spins. In general, it is worth trying each of these options, and you should decide what you prefer above all.

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