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How to win at Wild Toro

How to win at the Wild Toro video slotThe developers from Elk company like to create something unusual regarding the plot and even with several bonus features, and this slot offers exactly that. Everyone probably wants not only to enjoy the beauty of the graphics and other effects but first of all to stay with the winning. So, this machine is an excellent opportunity to change your welfare and get a lot of pleasure. We consider that you will estimate the topic of the game. The main symbol is Matador in the Spanish bullfight, the player who kills the bull. He takes parts in Corrida, as you know, Corrida is the most common form of combat Bulls, a traditional Spanish spectacle, also practised in some other countries, particularly in South America. You can feel the emotions from it.

Unfortunately, winning here is not possible for everyone, because it is not enough to rely naively on the will of the case or the mathematical expectation of the winning. To know how to win at Wild Toro slot, it will take much more. With our help, you will learn about all the nuances of the game and how to use them correctly. Read this article carefully, and you will be a great matador!

Personal testers opinion

In my opinion, it is a fantastic game in all senses of this word. Despite the absence of a thematic bonus round, scatters and free spins you can win here much more than in other slots packed with all sorts of the functions. I was just in wild delight that every 20-30 spins I had re-spins started, and it rarely was limited to one. Moreover, there were often additional images of Wild. But the real explosion of adrenaline comes when a red bull is added to this whole picture, turning half of the game space into a solid wild symbol.

It took me less than a hundred spins to spend at the bet of €10 per round in the end to get a net profit of €1658. First, I got the right to re-spin, then two more images of Matador sat on the reels, and after that the same ferocious wild bull appeared, which gave a real coin-drop, bringing in a total of €996 in one spin. I used the percentage of the tactic from the bank, and it seemed the most optimal. My verdict is subjective, but I recommend you win real money in Wild Toro.

Hidden parameters and settings of the slot (data from the testing team)

Secrets of the slot machine

So, you would like to ask how to win this game, and what strategies are most suitable for this? To answer this question, you need to read the material below. All the information was obtained as a result of numerous tests, so you can safely use them in practice:

  • Begin familiarity with the game, especially in the demonstration mode. It will help you make an impression of the slot machine and perhaps give you some thoughts on the choice of the strategy;
  • The slot is amenable to changing the cycle only by changing the value of coins or their number;
  • In the usual spins, there are no pay lines as such, and they are replaced by the winning methods, which at your disposal will be as much as 178, which means that you have much more chances of success;
  • Wild symbols will appear on the reels to help you complete the pay combination, and given that there are two of them, the prospects in this plan are pleasant;
  • Three symbols of Matador will be the key to re-spin. In this case, these signs will remain sticky, increasing the probability of forming the winning combination;
  • Another exciting element is walking wild symbols. We enjoy this feature with pleasure, as they begin to move from right to left on each back after their appearance, and help to create more victories;
  • Every movement that a red bull makes towards Matador leaves a scorched field behind it. In our opinion, this is the best option available at the slot to get a big winning;
  • The winning of different categories in the usual spins fell out with an excellent regularity, which made us very happy;
  • You will have a real opportunity to be here for a long time if you do not take reckless and rash the decisions. To control your bankroll, you should use the built-in strategies;
  • We liked and estimated the tactic with the percentage of the available budget, you can start with 1%, and for more significant winning, we recommend you at first to start with 2%, and then, if it is favourable, you can increase to 5%;
  • At the bet of €6, we first won €108 and then literally after 25 spins Big Win was received at €674, by placing only €10. Literally, for 50 rounds, we not only won back that we lost, but also reached the figure of plus €727;
  • We guess you understand that such successes will not happen to you all the time, but they show that with the right approach it is quite realistic to win solid money in a short period;
  • Considering all of the above, we recommend building your strategy which is based on the availability of the funds on your account, as well as the maximum possible launch of re-spins, and the stakes of the bull with Matador. Once the bullfight is held, you can reduce the size of the bet, and after 10-15 spins will return to the original stake.

Elk casino

  • Play in this exciting slot you can find in casino Royal Panda, and for all new players, there are offered a bonus of up to $100 or 100% of the amount of the first deposit. You will not need to languish in a long wait to pick up your winning. The payouts in this gambling establishment occur almost instantly.

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